• (Vatan Brand) 100 gm Roasted Gram Flour Sattu

Use of sattoo and benefits of sattu 
  1. Helpful in Gastric and Constipation Problem.
  2. Keep Stomach Clean and Cool.
  3. Helpful in Acidity Problem.
  4. It helps in getting a sound sleep.
  5. Sattu has a natural taste and it is very easy to digest.
  6. Suitable for all age groups. (Except Infants)
  7. The large insoluble fiber content makes it healthy for the intestines.
  8. It helps to flush out the oil consumed in the diet.
  9. It energies and refreshes immediately on consumption. Those who need a lot of stamina can rely on sattu.
  10. Daily usage of sattu gives a natural shinning skin.
  11. Diabetic conditions and blood pressure patients find it easy to cope with by consuming sattu.

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(Vatan Brand) 100 gm Roasted Gram Flour Sattu

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